View Full Version : In sharp reversal, U.S. agrees to rebuke Israel in Security Council

02-17-2011, 07:29 AM
Our boy is at it again,
http://turtlebay.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/02/16/in_major_reversal_us_to_rebuke_israel_in_security_ council

02-17-2011, 07:58 AM
Color me shocked :rolleyes:

I knew this would happen sooner or later.

02-17-2011, 08:09 AM
Israeli Press has him pegged though.

02-17-2011, 12:33 PM
Israeli Press has him pegged though.

And then some:

The American betrayal

Op-ed: Obamaís abandonment of Mubarak shows Israel cannot count on US at times of crisis Sima Kadmon Published: 02.04.11, 13:03 / Israel Opinion

The earthquake in Egypt caught us off guard. As was the case before, this time too our intelligence officials did not predict it, yet we are in good company: No Western country, including America, predicted this, just like they did not predict Hamasí rise in Gaza.

Yet there is one more thing we can learn from the events in Egypt, aside from the fragility of the region we inhabit, and it is something thatís not easy to digest: The Western worldís and mostly Americaís treachery. We learned that the way they abandoned President Mubarak and gave him the cold shoulder can happen to us too. Or in other words, we cannot count on the Americans at a time of crisis.

Everyone understands that Mubarak has to go, yet we would expect the American Administration to back him rather than disown him. Itís the decent thing to do at least. For dozens of years, he was the only leader the West could rely on, the dam in the face of Islamization. He should have been treated differently if only in gratitude.

And when America does this to the Egyptian president, what should any other ally think? Perhaps that itís better to conduct oneself like Iran or Syria, rather than like a moderate Arab state.

There is no doubt that something fundamental about the American Administration has changed. The US conduct in the Middle East attests to inexperience and lack of familiarity with the region. It appears as though the world is being led by a rookie.

Ignoring Mideastern realities
A senior diplomatic source told me this past week that Israel is engaged in talks with US officials on the events in Egypt and Mubarakís abandonment. The Americans are saying that they cannot ignore reformist elements that believe in the universal values espoused by the president. Or in other words: The current Administrationís problem is ideological and ignores Mideastern realities. Indeed, democratic reforms are worthy of being promoted, yet when this is done by abandoning an ally it sends a bad message to regional leaders.

Meanwhile, itís clear to all that if Muslim groups take power in Egypt at the conclusion of the uprising, our peace deal with Cairo is doomed. And should this agreement collapse, what are the chances that Jordan will remain the only state in the region that has peace with Israel?

The revolution in Egypt has prompted a revolution in our thinking as well. Indeed, Egypt is not Israel, as we have the support of the US Congress and Jewish groups that exert immense influence on the Administration. However, following the events of the past week, we must wonder whether we can even count on that.

This is damning stuff. As a result of Obama's "reset" in foreign policy, our allies fear our resolve, our enemies hold us in contempt and act with greater freedom, and our security is made more precarious every day. What happens when the Egyptian government that signed and kept the first Arab peace treaty with Israel falls? Jordan's King Abdullah knows that he cannot stand alone against both internal and external pressures. He knows that America will not save him, that Israel cannot, and that Iran and Syria provide the means by which he will fall. If Egypt becomes a one-party state under the Muslim Brotherhood, expect Abdullah to either step down and run into exile before the mob can take him, or to cut a deal that gives them significant power in return for his remaining as head of state, a deal that will keep him around until he is no longer needed. But either way, Jordan will not stand alone against the Muslim world at the moment of their greatest triumph in modern history. Bahrain, which was the epitome of "moderate" Arab states, and a staunch US ally, is convulsing in similar protests. Can Kuwait, the UAR, Oman and Qatar be far behind? Look at the map and it becomes obvious that Islamist regimes are threatening to ring Saudi Arabia, which also has a huge Islamist base.


The Neocaliphate is coming.