View Full Version : Iranian Blogs Reflect Young People on a High After Protests This Week

02-18-2011, 01:53 PM
Iranian Blogs Reflect Young People on a High After Protests This Week

By Amy Kellogg

Published February 16, 2011

| FoxNews.com

Iranians who have taken to the streets in protest this week are no longer targeting just President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- they're aiming straight for the country's "Supreme Leader" himself.

“It’s no more ‘Where’s my vote?’ The stakes are much higher now," one Iranian told Fox News. "People are calling for ‘Death to the Dictator’.”

And they don’t mean Ahmadinejad. The young people protesting in several Iranian cities were calling out Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the country's "Supreme Leader." Khamenei's position goes to the heart of the Islamic Republic’s system -- the “Velayat e Faqih,” or rule by a religious leader who calls the shots before the Hidden Imam, or Shi’ite messiah, returns to earth.

“Mubarak, Ben Ali, Nobateh Seyed Ali,” some of the demonstrators chanted. In other words, the Egyptian and Tunisian leaders are gone, it’s Ali Khamenei's (Iran’s Supreme Leader) turn next.

It has been difficult to get credible information about the workings of the so-called "Green Movement" opposition since the severe crackdown on media in Iran and disputed presidential election in 2009. Some say as many as tens of thousands came out on Feb. 14 to demand change -- chanting and burning tires to diffuse the tear gas fired on them. There were further scuffles later in the week, when one of the two protesters who were shot dead earlier in the week, was buried.

The Iranian blogosphere is crackling with excitement over the protests. “People are on an incredible high,” said one observer.

Though the protests in Iran Monday were small compared with those that were brutally repressed in 2009, many of the country's young people feel particularly engaged.

One of those killed in the clashes this week was a 22-year-old student who reportedly had written on his Facebook page before going out to protest, “Almighty God, help me die standing up, rather than lying low in humiliation.” A 26-year-old student also was killed.

According to sources and a friend of the deceased man, there has been enormous pressure by the regime on his family, to the extent that those who want to offer condolences have not been able to visit them.

“If the regime had given a permit for a peaceful demonstration, no one would need to get shot," wrote Iranian blogger Potkin Azarmehr.

Former Iranian diplomat Mehrdad Khonsari told Fox News, “Call for reform of the system is non-existent. These people want regime change.”

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