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02-19-2011, 06:40 PM
MadMaddie doesn't get featured enough here. Her name quite describes her, both figuratively and literally.

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RandySF (1000+ posts) Sat Feb-19-11 04:18 PM
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Wisconsin GOP leader rules out compromise on unions Updated at 1:09 PM

MADISON, Wisconsin (Reuters) - A Wisconsin Republican leader said on Saturday there was no room for compromise on legislation to curb public workers' bargaining rights despite mass protests and a Democratic legislative boycott.

"No, not at all," State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said when asked if a deal could be made where workers accepted reductions in their benefits in exchange for Republicans backing off the proposals about union rights.

Fitzgerald said in an interview on MSNBC television that government officials would lack the flexibility to implement deep budget cuts if unions maintain their power.


MadMaddie (1000+ posts) Sat Feb-19-11 04:39 PM
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17. So we need to market them as "Dictators"! Republican Dictators

We have to make them prove the charge wrong. This is NOT Democracy!Evidently to MadMaddie and the other unhinged liberals democracy is defined as whatever they want, by whatever means they want, rather than winning an election and thereby having a majority in congress.

They are like bunch of preschoolers having temper tantrums, and their Democrat politicians who fled the state rather than do their elected duty are just as bad.

02-19-2011, 07:13 PM
It's painful to go through that thread and see that these people don't know what's going on ...

God forbid the public sector pay part of its way...:rolleyes:
Fuck em.