View Full Version : " Iran to Smuggle Advanced Weaponry into Gaza. "

02-28-2011, 08:55 PM
Tehran Seeks Sinai Terror Infrastructure

Iran is taking advantage of chaos in post-Mubarak Egypt to bolster its weapons-smuggling capabilities in the Sinai Peninsula, Israeli defense officials say. Tehran's goal is to build a new infrastructure there to enable it to smuggle advanced weaponry into Gaza.

"Iran wants to take advantage of the current anarchy in Egypt and establish a stronger foothold in Gaza," a senior Israeli defense official told the Jerusalem Post. "They are building new capabilities, upgrading smuggling mechanisms and studying the new military presence there to see how it will affect them."

One Iranian weapons-smuggling route starts in Sudan or Eritrea, where ships unload weaponry. They are then taken by truck through Sudanese and Egyptian territory until they reach the Gaza/Egypt border. Then they are smuggled into Gaza using hundreds of tunnels running along the Philadelphi Corridor.