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03-02-2011, 06:53 AM
Wisconsin GOP Senator Glenn Grothman chased, trapped by hecklers.
Appearently police (who are siding with the unions) wouldn't let him in
one entrance left him to the mob. Communism has come to Wisconsin.


The Governor needs to end this circus tomorrow morning.

Clear the building and put the crowds 200’ feet away.For safety—theirs and the legislators.
These crowds are almost out of control, and this has been going on far too long.This is a dangerous situation.
The adults have to take charge.
I fear a rapid descent into lawlessness is upon the United States. It is going to get worse in the years ahead because there is no way out of this financial mess. Politicians at every level spent us into oblivion, just to buy votes and feather their nests while forsaking their nation.
The courts have no jurisdiction over the Capitol building, its hours or how it is run. Tell the judge to F off.

Tell the Capitol Police to clear the building under a direct order. If they refuse, fire them, and get the National Guard to do the job.

Declare the Dem Senators seats vacant, and set an election date to fill them. If they return, bar them from the building. They have abrogated the terms of their elective office and oaths of office.

Listen, the stakes are too high. This circus has gone on long enough. “We won”—f the Dems. They and their hired goons are trying to paralyze rhe State of Wisconsin. That is anarchy.

To say they can do all this without consequences is to invite instability, disorder and chaos.

If Governor Walker won’t or can’t the job done, then he does need to step aside.

But to wring your hands in the face of anarchy is not an option. If the Dems win this one, it is open season on the whole country.

Wei Wu Wei
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IDIOT :rolleyes: