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03-10-2011, 08:25 PM
New video: NPR was going to accept Muslim Education Action Center donation and hide it from the government

New video released Thursday afternoon indicates National Public Radio intended to accept a $5 million donation from fictitious Muslim Brotherhood front group Muslim Education Action Center (MEAC) Trust – and that the publicly funded radio network might have helped MEAC make the donation anonymously to protect it from a federal government audit.

When a man posing as Ibrahim Kasaam asked, “It sounded like you were saying NPR would be able to shield us from a government audit, is that correct?” NPR’s senior director of institutional giving, Betsy Liley, responded, “I think that is the case, especially if you are anonymous. I can inquire about that.” According to conservative James O’Keefe, whose Project Veritas organization conducted the NPR sting organization, the man posing as Kasaam made two follow-up phone calls to Liley after their lunch.

Liley said a $5 million donation would amount to about “10 years of support.”

Kasaam follows up by asking: “The fact that NPR is not only a tax-exempt organization, but also receives direct contributions from the government — does that invite some sort of government oversight or government examination of contributions, et cetera?”

Liley answered: “They have audited our programs at times and, I think, as part of that, they can look at our audited financials. If you are concerned in any way about that, that’s one reason you might want to be an anonymous donor. And, we would certainly, if that was your interest, want to shield you from that.”

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Looks like NPR and their left wing supporters' claim that NPR refused the donation repeatedly was an out and out lie. NPR was making arrangements with their legal council to accept the donation anonymously in order to shield themselves.

Liley wrote that she’s “awaiting a draft of a gift agreement from our legal counsel and will share it when I have it.”

That e-mail directly contradicts NPR’s public statements issued in the wake of O’Keefe’s first video. “The fraudulent organization represented in this video repeatedly pressed us to accept a $5 million check, with no strings attached, which we repeatedly refused to accept,” NPR spokeswoman Dana Davis Rehm said in NPR’s official response.

I think O'Keefe has a pretty good plan. He finds a damning story, and presents part of it. Then he waits to see what kind of spin and lies the left is going to use to plaster over it, then he releases other parts of his investigations to counter the spin and lies.

03-10-2011, 08:36 PM
“The statement made by Betsy Liley in the audio tapes released today regarding the possibility of making an anonymous gift that would remain invisible to tax authorities is factually inaccurate and not reflective of NPR’s gift practices,” NPR said in a statement. “All donations – anonymous and named – are fully reported to the IRS. NPR complies with all financial, tax and disclosure regulations.”


NPR said. “Mr. Schiller is no longer with NPR and Ms. Liley has been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation of the matter.”

Rest of the Story (http://dailycaller.com/2011/03/10/npr-responds-to-new-okeefe-video/#ixzz1GFM63dz7)

Either The Daily Caller (http://dailycaller.com) didn't report it, or NPR is no longer denying that they were going to accept the donation, and they've now thrown Betsy Liley under the bus with the Schillers in order to cover their asses. I guess sunlight does make a good disinfectant.