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03-16-2011, 09:32 AM
Two pieces of interesting news this morning.

Tosa Taxpayers Fight New Union Contracts

WAUWATOSA – Wauwatosa residents packed a Common Council meeting Tuesday night demanding that aldermen hold off on approving new union contracts.

The proposed contracts had been bargained over several months and included pension and health care changes similar to those recently passed in the Budget-Repair Bill.

Union leaders said they were a fair deal. Though, they admitted they wanted to pass the two year agreements before the Budget-Repair Bill goes into effect.

But one by one, dozens of taxpayers told aldermen not to pass the agreements and to wait for more flexibility offered by the new collective bargaining restrictions.

the new collective bargaining law. “We need to send these contracts back!,” said one Wauwatosa resident. “Your customers are the taxpayers,” said another.

Greg Fritsch believes the unions are trying to rush through contracts to get a better deal. He told the council not to do it. “There is no reason whatsoever to rush into signing these contracts for the taxpayers,” he

said. “There’s plenty of reason on the union side.”

Wauwatosa aldermen agreed. Some said they had planned to vote yes on the contracts, but the crowd changed their mind.

The city still needs to settle firefighter and police contracts. Those bargaining rules are not changed by the new collective bargaining law.


Seems that the councils might have gotten the message from the tax payers, that they work for us, not the unions and these sweetheart deals the unions want are not in the best interest of the taxpayers.


The other news.

Overwhelming vote ousts Miami-Dade County Commissioner Natacha Seijas


Yes - 88.10%

No - 11.90%


Yes - 87.80%

No - 12.20%

Miami-Dade Commissioner Natacha Seijas, a formidable fixture in county politics known for her acerbic style, was removed from office Tuesday amid a seething voter revolt. An overwhelming 88 percent of those who turned out to vote in District 13, which includes Hialeah and Miami Lakes, backed the recall of Seijas, who has ruled over the western county region for 18 years.

Bankrolled by county employee unions, developers and lobbyists, Seijas raised $213,575 through a political action committee, Abre Los Brazos — nearly 10 times as much as her political opponents could muster. But in the end, voter anger trumped the power of incumbency, sweeping both Seijas and [Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos] Alvarez from office by the same drastic margins.

[Natacha] Seijas was targeted for recall last fall after she joined a majority of the county commissioners in approving Alvarez’s proposed budget, which raised the property-tax rate to make up for the collapse in property values. The budget, which took effect Oct. 1, included pay raises for most county employees. About 60 percent of homestead property owners got higher tax bills, despite dwindling property values.


This overwhelming vote to boot officials should open the eyes of all in office. And force them to think twice.