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03-19-2011, 06:41 PM
From American Thinker, a Wisconsin college student who worked against the union thugs describes the current union tactics. Should be required reading in every classroom in the state.

March 19, 2011
Wisconsin after the Union Takeover

By Josiah Cantrall

"Are you wearing a bulletproof vest?"

Click. Michael Hintze's phone line went dead -- the caller never identified himself. A prominent Wisconsin Tea Party leader, Hintze is the latest recipient of anonymous death threats.

Maybe you thought it was finally over in Wisconsin. Walker overcame the liberal blitzkrieg, elected Republicans decided that there's no moderate stance between bankruptcy and prosperity, the bill was passed and signed, and the fourteen Democrats gave up their life on the run.

But there's more. Though chapter one undeniably ended with a resounding victory for Walker, the next part may easily become a forgotten chapter among thousands in the left's annals of Alinsky-style combat.

Wisconsin has become the latest setting for organized liberal activism. Pro-union forces are setting out to execute the power-plays of leftism: divide, intimidate, and conquer. Community organizers are working tirelessly to increase the opposition through lies and distortion in the hope of building cold-blooded hatred for Walker and his allies.

Traditional Wisconsin symbols have been co-opted to foment anti-Walker sentiment. UW Madison mascot Bucky Badger is portrayed as a victim of Walker's budget cuts, cheese is promoted as union-friendly, and some even claim that Walker has cut state funding for the Green Bay Packers.

Shockingly, the absurdity doesn't end there. The Wisconsin Dog Rescue is joining others in vilifying Walker as a dog-hater, and liberal blogs steadfastly avow that "Governor Scott Walker wants to kill puppies."

Common citizens and private businesses are the next objects of union wrath. Director of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association Jim Palmer signed a letter giving businesses who donated to Gov. Walker's campaign one week to publicly denounce Walker or face a union-organized boycott.

Sendik's Food Market has refused to capitulate. Consequently, their doors were super-glued shut at one of their Milwaukee locations.

In Merrill, a group trying to recall Democrat Sen. Jim Holperin set up a table outside the Lincoln County Courthouse. Soon union protestors arrived and surrounded the group's table, waving signs and screaming through megaphones. In a press release, the group reported that even as the pro-union crowd chanted "this is what Democracy looks like," one of the protesters, "pretending to be interested in signing the petition, wrote profanity across a partially collected petition form, then began ripping up the completed petitions that were in close proximity."

Pro-union forces remained around the table and prevented people from reaching the petitions. According to the group, police officers stood by and did nothing.

In another incident, during school hours, a supposed teacher posted this on the Madison Craigslist:

So you Tea Bags want to take away my hard earned blue ribbon bennies. Well guess what you scum sucking Tea Bags, I got your kids all day long in my classroom and with just a few slick questions I know who the little tea bags are! And you think you'll have the last laugh HA-Ha-ha

I, too, a twenty-year-old college student, have been subject to this union onslaught. Nearly two weeks ago, I captured incriminating video of doctors handing out sick passes on the streets of Madison. The video went viral, and I consequently appeared on Fox News and several radio shows to discuss the fraud. The left has yet to forgive me.

I've been stalked, chased, and verbally assaulted by several individuals. One woman drew a crowd around me and proceeded to rattle off my full name, my age, my hometown, and the exact size of my family. She noted that I am the second-oldest of thirteen children. She also recited the very dates I had been on Fox News and the time period of my visit to New York.

Creepy though it was, this woman's knowledge of my personal life was impressive. She knew information that many of my friends were not aware of.

This is the new norm in Wisconsin: an unrivaled, systematic assault is leveled against anyone who refuses to carry the union's water. It's a war zone where the left seems driven by Saul Alinsky's motto: "The end justifies almost any means."

Democrats and their union allies are making their agenda clear: retain power at all costs. If they can raise enough money, silence enough foes, recall enough senators, intimidate the opposition, and strong-arm enough businesses, they believe that they will ultimately win.

If they lose the fight to preserve collective demanding, Democrats fear that Republicans will review every other liberal policy failure. Entitlement reform could be the next target -- or worse yet, America's growing economic quagmire, also known as the national debt.

Gov. Walker is a new kind of Republican -- a leader whose steadfast convictions break from the indecisive muddling that has forever defined the right.

Such fortitude is a dramatic shift from past eras, where Democrats routinely bullied Republican leaders onto their list of tribute-paying victims. Walker's victory changes all that. It sends a simple but clear message to the overpowering bully: "Take my name off your list."

That is something the left can't afford to tolerate.

Josiah Cantrall also writes for BigGovernment.com, and his works have been referenced by USA Today, Megyn Kelly, and Greg Gutfeld. He has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business Channel, GlennBeck.com, and the Lars Larson show. His Washington Times column debuts April 1. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

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03-19-2011, 06:41 PM
And, in case anyone thought that the signing of the law meant anything, apparently a judge found cause to disregard it, just... well, just because:

March 19, 2011
Activist Judge sides with public sector unions, again

Phil Boehmke
The people of Wisconsin registered their displeasure with the big spending Democrats last November, but a Republican governor, assembly and senate still face monumental challenges from the minority party, their activist judges and the all-powerful public sector unions who continue to pull the strings and make back-room deals. Nowhere is the power of the union bosses and the Democrat Party more entrenched and powerful than in deep blue Dane County, where the state capitol is located.

On Friday the anti-taxpayer mob was singing and dancing in the streets of Madison after Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi issued a temporary restraining order to halt implementation of recently passed reforms to the collective bargaining process. The operative word here is “temporary.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne filed suit to block the law because he claims that a legislative committee violated the state’s open meetings act (was anyone in the country unaware of the proceedings?). Ozanne, an appointee of long-time union ally Governor Jim Doyle found a willing accomplice in fellow Democrat Maryann Sumi in his attempt to delay the badly needed fiscal reforms.

Assistant Attorney General Steven Means said that the state is exploring its options and may appeal the decision, saying “the reason they have appellate courts is because circuit court judges make errors and they have in this case.” Another course of action would be to re-do the bill and hope that this time the senate Democrats will remain on the job and avoid another temper tantrum. Means said that the state was not really surprised by Sumi’s decision.

The state is well aware of Judge Sumi’s far left advocacy and pro-union sentiments. On February 18, as the state’s Democrat Senators were cowering in Illinois and union protesters were rocking the capitol, Sumi sided with the teacher’s union by denying a Madison School District request to return the teachers to their classrooms.

The already hard-pressed Madison School District had been forced to cancel classes for three days as teachers abandoned their students to take part in anti-taxpayer protests. Under state law, time lost due to the teacher’s unofficial strike must be made up, causing the taxpayers to foot the bill for the additional costs incurred by the teacher’s walkout. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Suni sided with the union because she felt that the walkout didn’t meet her definition of a “strike” and she didn’t feel that the district had suffered significant or “irreparable” harm from the work stoppage.

While Judge Sumi was issuing her temporary restraining order in support of the public sector unions, the city of Madison was adding insult to the taxpayer’s injury by extending union contracts. The State Journal reports:

Amid uncertainty about a state law that sharply curtails collective bargaining, Madison officials on Friday announced tentative contract extensions with more labor unions and promised a special City Council meeting to approve them next week.


The city announced an agreement with its biggest union AFSCME Local 60, on Tuesday, and on Friday announced deals with other AFSCME bargaining units, bus drivers and mechanics, Streets Division and other laborers, stagehands, building and trades and fire supervisors. The unions ratified the contracts this week.

Madison’s major Dave Cieslewicz was pleased to announce that “union protections will be extended for another 15 months – the longest period allowed under state law.” The new contracts also contain language which promised that the city will work with the unions to avoid any layoffs.

If this sounds suspicious, consider the fact that earlier this month while the state’s 14 Democrat Senators were hiding from their elected duties in Illinois, WITI-TV reported:

E-mails obtained by the FOX6 Investigators show that the mayor enlisted the help of State Senator Mark Miller. They both tried to convince the Secretary of State to hold up the bill by taking the maximum 10 days allowed by law before publishing the bill.

They were trying to buy some time so they could ratify new contracts to protect workers from benefit cuts. Citizens for Responsible Government Rep. Chris Kliesmet says, “This suggests, and this is a harsh word, collusion. There is collusion between some politicians and public sector employee unions.

After yesterday’s controversial decision by Judge Sumi to issue a temporary restraining order, there appears to be collusion between the public sector unions, some politicians and at least one circuit court judge. Although the budget repair bill will eventually became law in Wisconsin, the union fat cats and their allies have bought precious time in their war against the taxpayers and their duty elected representatives. Yes, they are singing and dancing in the streets of Madison, and if they make a mess during their celebration…overtime for the cleanup crew!

March 19, 2011

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If you can't dictate the law, declare it null and void. If you can't declare it null and void, try to have a sympathetic elected official to try to delay the implementation of the law so that you can skirt it, and threaten anyone who supported the law.

This is beginning to sound like a RICO case to me.

03-19-2011, 06:53 PM
There is more on the threats.


Because of their extensive, lifelong, union freeloading (Althouse, the breadwinner of their pathetic, sexual-frustration driven “family” is an AAUP freeloader, a public sectorsecondary education freeloader, a University of Michigan freeloader, a University of Colorado freeloader and, most disgustingly to us, a University of Wisconsin Freeloader),their movement freeloading (they have greatly enhanced their reputation and socialcurrency both within her nauseating Tory brotherhood they represent and across theinternet by wandering around Madison lying about all they see) their repeated lies andgeneral commitment to irresponsible citizen-journalism (how dare they sneak around anongoing citizen protest movement taking pictures of trash minutes before ourvolunteers clean it), their false claims to have infiltrated the movement despite the factthat as a decentralized, participatory and democratic movement #wiunion cannot be“infiltrated” and indeed welcomes the attention of hostile outside observers, theirattempts to incite Tea Party Falangists to act on their sadistic and violent impulsesagainst fourth grade teachers and their students, and their desecration of the statue of Hans Christian Heg Ann Althouse and Meade are hereby put on notice.
MADISON IS A #WIUNION CITY AND WE ARE MADISON.Did you really think this could go on forever? That you could sit on the steps of ourhouse, walk the streets of our city, lie about us to strangers, tell gun-toting rednecksfrom out of state and the Northwoods how depraved and deserving of punishment weare all while maintaining plausible deniability for any of the consequences that youractions might cause? Did you think you could fuck with HANS and get away with it?This isn't a one way fight any more. We will take it from the internet right to 2114Chamberlain Avenue. Do you have any idea where you live? Let us spell it out for you.We understand that you like to eat on the square. You like the Baked Potato at the OldFashioned, do you? There were five of us in there last Tuesday. You like to eat atFresco? We're in the Overture eating, serving, cooking, playing, and performing. Atleast twenty of us have worked for Food Fight. You like to fucking drink at FAIR TRADEdo you? At FAIR TRADE? You are citizen-BANNED from Fair Trade. We will Walker youstraight out of the place whenever you show up. We are at every coffee shop on State,open to close, all the time. We will hang up wanted posters of you everywhere you liketo go. We will picket on public property as close to your house as we can every day.We will harrass the ever loving shit out of you all the time. Campus is OCCUPIED. Statestreet is OCCUPIED. The Square is OCCUPIED. Vilas, Schenk's Corners, Atwood, WillyStreet – Occupied, Occupied, Occupied, Occupied. Did you really think it was all aboutthe Capitol? Fuck the Capitol, we are the CITY.We are hard-drinking, weed-smoking, rude, obnoxious, auto-didactic, uppity fuckingTOWNIES. We know you hate us. We know you hate us because we ruin yourimaginary, Men's Magazine, UW Admission's Pamphlet, Madison Magazine, Isthmus Artsvision of our City. You think that our town should be on perpetual vigil just in case youneed a little peace and quiet. You think we should go down quiet while Walkereconomically rapes us because you want to lead a fucking tour group? Sorry babe, notgonna happen. And because you couldn't even show a modicum of fairness, integrity,or neutrality and because you had the iron fucking stones to try to pull this here, onOUR campus, in OUR city, in OUR state in OUR country (and that is about the onlyreason we have any grudging respect for you), now YOU are a target.

And guess what – we aren't SDS. We aren't fucking TAA. We aren't Timmy “olivebranch” Cullen, we aren't yogi, granola-eating types you see at Willy Street orwhatever. We are NOT radically nonviolent. We comply with the laws of the Citybecause it is our City and we love it, but OH MY GOD do we hope Meade tries to get alltough with us. WE LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Just last night we saw a Jimmy John's worker whowe know beat the ever loving shit out of some idiot drunk asshole who wouldn't be civiland polite in his workplace. We have the numbers and we don't back down fromanyone. We all know each other. We know each other from Service Industry Night atthe Orpheum, because we're regulars at the same coffee shops, restaurants and bars,we know each other from the co-ops, we know each other because we've had a millionjobs each (and we all worked at CapTel at least once), because we live in every shittytownie house in ever-changing groups of 2 – 7 people, because we are young and hornyand screw each other incessantly, because we're all on facebook, and because wearen't anti-social, life-denying, world-sterilizing pieces of human garbage like the two of you. WE WILL FUCK YOU UP. We will throw our baseballs in your lawn, you cranky oldpieces of shit, and then we will come get them back. What are you gonna do? Shootus? Get Wausau Tea Patriots to form an ad hoc militia on your front lawn? That wouldbe fucking HILAROUS to us. You could get to know the assholes on your side in realfucking life instead of sponging off the civil society we provide for you every single dayyou draw breath.Pay your dues or action will be taken. The action will be legal, peaceful, and nonviolent(on our end anyway – if you want to do it the other way fine with us. Meade is a toughguy on LGM or whatever but he's a chickenshit IRL. We dare you buddy. Double dogdare you.) but it will also be swift, decisive, direct, personal and effective


03-19-2011, 08:38 PM
So much for the non-violent left. Can you imagine this clown in a classroom?

03-19-2011, 09:01 PM
So much for the non-violent left. Can you imagine this clown in a classroom?

With all those spelling errors?


03-19-2011, 09:15 PM
So much for the non-violent left. Can you imagine this clown in a classroom?Obama's Leftists Union Army on the march to take over America !The polarization of our country has began, AFSCME,SEIU,the Teachers Unions are all joining forces to take over Madison State Government and dump Walker.

The AFSCME call to arms :

Madison is the birthplace of AFSCME. The attack on workers' rights there is an affront to everyone who believes in the basic American values of fairness, democracy and rights for working people.......But unlike Governor Walker's schemes to tear people apart, we will pull our union and all working people together........Join the fight and stand with Wisconsin.

03-19-2011, 10:50 PM
Walker should tell this judge he will comply with her restraining order when Obama starts doing the same.

03-21-2011, 08:38 PM
The left never gives up power peacefully or by rule of law. They must use every shady method (activist judges), and illegal means to accomplish their evil agenda. I want these bullies to know that I will not back down and I hope the Governor stays the course.