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I saw this commercial a while ago, really well done and makes a great point

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Wow! Great ad!

Wei Wu Wei
03-22-2011, 11:41 AM
I love that so much right wing fear of some Other (in this case, China) becoming more superior than we are, and becoming Dominant on the world stage is based on a subconscious tacit admission that they are (with their evil so-called Communist system) doing something better than we are doing.

For example, the real beauty in this advertisement is the professor saying that America failed because they tried to tax and spend their way out of their recession, which is precisely what China has been doing and also why they've been seeing large scale sustained growth throughout this recession. They are the forerunners of State Capitalism.

It's pretty popular in Singapore and now china, the understanding that Capitalism can still function ,and even function more efficiently (for the wealthy at least) when government and capitalism agree to join forces for the same goals. It's also known as the Singapore Model. It's about anti-communism, ridding the system of Marxist influence, while at the same time having a sort of soft authoritarian government running to show.

Here is a time article on it. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,977490,00.html

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Their poltical system is Communist, extremely corrupt, probably more so than the Soviet Union and Russia is today.

their economic is system is loosely capitalist, but very controlled by the Communist government.

While they are "taxing and spending" their way to a big economy they are also taking shortcuts that will doom their future chances of stability in the long term. They are still a 3rd world Country with a 1st world army