View Full Version : Obama’s shady union ties

03-23-2011, 08:55 AM
Would most people consider it quite odd that the president of the most infamous union in the country-the AFL-CIO-brags about how frequently he is a visitor to the White House? In his words, that’s two or three times a week, and that’s in addition to his numerous weekly phone conversations with White House officials.

What union business could possibly require such a close alliance between the AFL-CIO and president Barack Hussein Obama? Certainly, we can only hazard a guess, but if AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka’s actions in the recent past are any indication, he’s getting more than tea and crumpets during his visits.

Unless you watch FOX News, there’s little likelihood you saw Trumka a couple of weeks ago in Wisconsin whipping the teachers’ union crowd into a frenzy with an eerily Hitler-like display with arms pumping and flailing, fingers thrusting, and that corpulent face filled with hate and rage. It was quite a memorable sight and probably effectively engendered precisely the type of response he was after.

What this columnist finds so disturbing is the type of company “our” president keeps. Trumka is no Johnny-come-lately to mob violence and flagrant corruption—not by a long shot. He has a long history of inciting violence and deadly force to further his nefarious union agenda.

In 1993, when Trumka was president of United Mine Workers, he orchestrated a multi-state coal miners strike and ordered more than 17,000 union workers to walk off their jobs. By whatever means necessary, he ensured no one would work in a mine unless they paid union dues or agency fees to the union. Not only that, he told strikers to “kick the s*** out of” those employees and mine operators who resisted union demands.