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03-26-2011, 06:22 PM
March 03, 2011
Colonel John B. Alexander, a noted expert on non-lethal weapons and former consultant to Bob Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace, has poured fuel on the 'controversy fire' of what, exactly, the US government knows about the alleged UFO problem.

(PsycheLeaks) -- In his new book, UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities, Col. John B. Alexander comes forward to confirm the long-rumored existence of the UFO Working Group. This group was actually revealed nearly twenty years ago in a taped phone conversation with CIA analyst Ron Pandolfi (see the Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape book for a transcript, or listen to the MP3 file at STARpod.org).

According to numerous sources, and now the Colonel, the UFO Working Group was actually called the Advanced Theoretical Physics Conference. Meetings were held at BDM in a TOP SECRET clearance vault. According to Alexander, attendance was by invitation only (he refers to the participants as 'an old boy network') and required a minimum clearance level of TOP SECRET SENSITIVE COMPARTMENTED INFORMATION (often incorrectly referred to as being 'Above Top Secret').

Detailed information about the group has been leaked for years, adding weight to Alexander's contention that there are no secrets in Washington. I'd add at least one caveat: this may hold true for secrets held by humans -- as for the alleged aliens, well, who knows!

Truth in disclosure alert: STARstream Research has been aware of Col. Alexander's interest in moving disclosure forward for more than a decade, having been on the receiving end of numerous communications from the Colonel.

Something strange is in the air -- or in the drinking water: Weirder and weirder UFO reports continue to spread like an uncontrollable virus, in spite of the release of Colonel John B. Alexander's book. Alexander's notable attempt to bring the controversial subject matter a bit closer to ground truth appears to have split the believers from the skeptics, but the middle ground remains muddy.

Meanwhile, STARstream Research / PsycheLeaks presents documentation of Colonel Alexander's position on UFO disclosure -- from an email we received in 1998. This message has been sitting in the files for more than a decade, but adds considerable weight to the claims found in Alexander's new UFO book.

Alexander presents a strategy for disclosure based upon the idea that UFO information, as opposed to "sources and methods," isn't classified. According to Alexander, this means 'whistleblowers' should be free to come forward with their UFO-related information, so long as classified sourcing and methods are not revealed.

Curiously, this position also adds a new angle to the Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape affair. According to Alexander, "By establishing that no classification of UFO related material exists, witnesses should be free to report illegal intimidation or harassment to the FBI or other appropriate law enforcement agency. People experiencing such threats should be encouraged to file formal complaints. The UFO community should not be treated differently from the rest of society."

Alexander's statement is in sharp contrast to threats made by then sitting Office of the Director of National Intelligence official Ronald S. Pandolfi, to former Air Force Office of Special Investigations Sgt. Richard (Rick) Doty, in a series of emails leaked to STARstream Research via Pandolfi and his associates in 2006. In the emails, Pandolfi notes in his response to Doty that his report of the affair to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence was potentially "outside of the legal framework."