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03-29-2011, 12:36 PM
South Dakota buzzer beater might be shot of the year

By Cameron Smith

We here at Prep Rally aren't going to claim that the shot you see in the following video is definitely the basket of the year. However, we insist it receive serious consideration for that honor, at the very least.

Crazy Buzzer Beater @ Yahoo! Video

The miracle heave you see above came from a consolation game in the South Dakota Class AA boys basketball tournament, in this case a fifth-place playoff between Pierre (S.D.) High and Sturgis (S.D.) High. The player who hit the shot happens to be Pierre point guard Terrelle Walker, who somehow managed to catch a deflected pass with his open right palm, give the ball a slingshot heave as the buzzer sounds and watch his miracle buzzer beater bank in off the backboard as Sturgis players trudged off in disbelief.

While the shot might not have been the most important of the season -- it was in a fifth-place playoff after all, and at the end of the first half, at that -- it's hard to imagine anyone pulling off a similar heave again. The combination of distance, difficulty in even getting the ball in the first place and accurate trajectory of the shot is almost too much to believe.

Add to that a genuinely terrific play-by-play call, with just the right amount of histrionics without the immediate hoarse-throated "It's good!!!" repetitions you often find with amazing prep plays, and it's clear that this is a pretty magical clip.

By game's end, Walker added 11 other points of the more conventional variety, finishing behind only teammate Travis Adney's 15 points in the Pierre scoring list. Yet Walker and Adney's heroics couldn't land Pierre a fifth-place finish, as Sturgis held on for a 60-55 victory.

Yahoo (http://rivals.yahoo.com/highschool/blog/prep_rally/post/South-Dakota-buzzer-beater-might-be-shot-of-the-?urn=highschool-wp401)

03-29-2011, 04:08 PM
Whoever "Walker" is, he will remember that shot for the rest of his life.

I still remember a particular catch I made in Little League, for Christ's sake, in 1957! And I'm bettin' that "Tubby" remembers the day he got robbed of a home run.:)