View Full Version : Libya: O Accomplishing The Impossible

04-02-2011, 08:32 AM
By bombing Libya, President Obama accomplished some things once thought impossible in America:

War-mongering liberals: Liberals are now chest-thumping about military "progress" in Libya. Even liberal TV and radio cite ingenious reasons why an optional, preemptive US intervention in an oil-producing Arab country, without prior congressional approval or majority public support -- and at a time of soaring deficits -- is well worth supporting, in a sort of "my president, right or wrong" fashion.

Europe first: Many Americans have long complained about the opportunistic, utopian Europeans. Under the protective US defense shield, they often privately urged us to deal with dangerous foreign dictators -- while staying above the fray to criticize America, at the same time seeking trade advantages and positive global PR.

But now the wily Obama has outwaited even the French.
He has shamed them into acting with a new possum-like US strategy of playing dead until finally even Europe was exasperated -- almost as if the president were warning them, "We don't mind the Khadafy bloodletting if you, who are much closer to it, don't mind." The British Guardian and French Le Monde will be too knee-deep in the Libyan war, busy chalking up Anglo-French "wins" and worrying about European oil concessions, to charge America with the usual imperialism, colonialism and militarism.

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