View Full Version : President's limo exempt from green order

04-03-2011, 12:24 PM
WASHINGTON, April 3 (UPI) -- While President Obama has ordered U.S. agencies to buy eco-friendly vehicles, many Secret Service vehicles and Obama's limo are exempt, a spokesman said.

Under the executive order, most new vehicles for government use would have to be fuel-efficient or clean-energy by 2015, The Detroit News reported. These could include hybrids and electric vehicles, as well as those running on alternative fuels.

"Certain specialized vehicles including those with law enforcement and security specifications are not subject to this directive," Robert Novy, a Secret Service spokesman, said.

The president travels in a Cadillac limo built by General Motors. Other vehicles used for presidential motorcades are also expected to be exempt.

The federal government maintains the largest fleet of vehicles in the country.