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04-03-2011, 08:26 PM
1) Why are you a Marxist?

2) You often argue that you do not seek, or your ideal sort of Communism is not a revival of the Marxist regime of the USSR, nor the regimes of Cuba, North Korea and the like. You say those were and are failures. But you have never, as far as I know, have detailed what a perfect, or near perfect, government system would be in YOUR EYES. Not in theory, I'm asking for what would be in your opinion a near ideal Marxist system of government that would differ from those of the past.

04-03-2011, 08:30 PM
don't hold your breath CTM, either it'll be drivel or a non-answer

04-03-2011, 08:39 PM
don't hold your breath CTM, either it'll be drivel or a non-answer

That's just mean and unfair, fettpett. You know damned well it could be both.

04-03-2011, 08:48 PM
That's just mean and unfair, fettpett. You know damned well it could be both.


Wei Wu Wei
04-04-2011, 11:53 AM
1. If it helps you to understand the perspectives I am using then yes I use Marxist or Marxian analyses to better understand the craziness that's happening in the world. I'm not sure what makes someone a Marxist to you, I don't really think of myself in those terms.

2. I'm sorry but you are asking the wrong questions.

Most people don't think Capitalism is perfect or even near-perfect, but many people still support it.

I have no interest in "designing the perfect society" or anything like that, I cannot do that it's silly to pretend any utopia I design here at my computer is anything other than that.

The regimes and empires of the 20th century took unique forms based on the unique conditions from which they arose, so 20th Century russia, 20th century America, 20th Century China are gone.

If I talk about forms of communism, I am talking about those which will arise out of the current conditions today, at the beginning of the 21st century - a totally different world in terms of technology, ways of thinking, ideology, history, and so on.

I use various conceptual tools, including Marx, to analyze and critique American Capitalism (aka: corporatism). When I see more problems and even root causes (in systems of power, legitimazation of it via popular ideology, tied into the core antagonisms of our speccific modes of production)

I believe capitalism like every arrangement before it, is a deeply flawed system right at it's core which results in ever more elaborate forms of contradictions and social problems. This means I think the current form of Capitalism is imperfect, I think the flaws come not from outside influence but from the antagonisms inherent within this mode of production, and that if anyone is serious about solving social problems or creating a better world, then overcoming capitalism should be a goal. This of course leaves an open question: so what else is there? - this is where courage is needed, courage to say "we don't know yet, the answer isn't given we must create it ourselves", but it takes more than simply saying that. Doing it requires much effort, education, understanding.

No I don't have a perfect system in my mind, and neither do you nor anyone else, but I can confidently say that the problems of capitalism cannot be solved with just social, safety nets or greater tolerance for other colored people.

I know you ask a lot of questions like this and my answers may not always be satisfactory but if you are genuinely curious about this it requires some confusion and willingness to step into uncomforatble places and actually do some reading - reading which makes you question your initial assumptions.

Wei Wu Wei
04-04-2011, 12:01 PM
Even in my most utopian fantasies I don't see Communism existing in the world today.

Real communism would only come after many many years (possibly generations) of ongoing struggle and social change. It takes cultural changes, economic changes, changes in education, changes to things that people don't even think about today.

Basically, it would take a different world but luckily the world is in a constant state of change so that can be accomidated.

This question of "design the perfect society" is flawed from the very beginning because it assumes all the wrong things.

The change to a communist society may take a hundred years, a hundred years of struggle and changing ideas and changing influences, you'd have other nations trying to influence what's going on you'd have random events like a tsunami throwing things in there, you'd have the flaws and follys of human beings which cannot be predicted you'd have changes in theory along the way.

Even if communism was going to happen in 100 years, the goals today, the goals in 25 years, and the goals in 80 years would all be different, depending on the circumstances at that time, even if the "end goal" was the same, the means and structure by which they materialize that end goal would be up in the air depending on a host of other factors.

The fact of a changing world is something that needs to be accepted, it's something that is very hard to grasp especially for die-hard free market people who worship 18th century thinkers as the be-all and end-all of the world history of philosophy (it's not).

Wei Wu Wei
04-04-2011, 12:09 PM
A question for CITM:

You have seem to have questions, which I think is great. It's always good to see someone asking questions rather than simply trying to shout down every other voice they see or hear.

Do you ever read Communist or Socialist material? Obviously I don't mean CNN, I mean books on the topic, websites that offer a great deal of information for anyone like yourself who is curious with Frequently Asked Questions. I also don't mean "talking to someone" because to be perfectly honest most people I talk to are idiots on this topic. Until you have a good base of understanding yourself you might be better off sticking to books.

Are you open to seeing the problems of Capitalism or understanding the Leftist Position?

If so, I have many resources for a beginner, youtubes, videos, books that aren't too theory-heavy, and so on.

My only advice here is to take a step of humility yourself and admit that you don't understand what Communism is or is about (you absolutely cannot accept American propaganda as your resource, the history of economic and military conflict alone should make it obvious that you will only find horribly biased material). That's alright, admitting to not knowing something is the first step to learning it. You can never fit the square peg into the square hole if you absolutely refuse to remove the circle peg.