View Full Version : Mayor’s Office Tries to Hide All Naked Portraits of Toronto Mayor

04-04-2011, 07:38 AM
— Toronto alt weekly NOW accompanied a story about Mayor Rob Ford's "naked ambition" with nearly-nude photo illustrations of the politician. (Ford's opponents Other politicians are portrayed as nearly-nude bodybuilders.) The morning the issue came out, the Toronto Star reports, the mayor's office launched a campaign to "remove and dispose":

The issue hit newsstands Thursday morning. The email was sent at around 9 a.m. by Lorraine Pickett, custodial supervisor at City Hall, to the City Hall security desk and to custodial managers at other city facilities. It read: "Hi All, I have a request from the mayor's office to remove all NOW newspapers from all City of Toronto locations/facilities ASAP. Please remove and dispose."

The directive was "reversed" later in the day, said east district supervisor Rex Bussey, and Ford spokesperson Adrienne Batra attributed Pickett's email to a "misunderstanding."

Batra, speaking to reporters Thursday afternoon, said a member of the mayor's staff, whom she would not identify, was "very troubled" by the images and independently decided to phone the facilities department to "find out what the policy is to have magazines and newspapers within city facilities."


Gay Bash
This fat fuck is the first of the many reasons I hate Toronto.
Gay Bash @Marmalade Teardrops
Yes, but that might end up being added to why "Why I hate.." or my "Why I am starting to love.." list. To be detemined, ya know eh?
mcnez @Gay Bash promoted by Gay Bash
.Ah, you must live in Vancouver. Or Calgary. Or Edmonton. Or Montreal. Or [insert any other place in Canada here].
Gay Bash @mcnez
You are certainly correct. You can tell because foreigners don't specifically hate Toronto, they fall into the unfortunate impression that the rest of Canada is anything like Toronto, and end up hating the whole place.