View Full Version : " Muslims in France Ask to Use Empty Catholic Churches ."

04-04-2011, 04:04 PM
Muslims in France Ask to Use Empty Churches (SEEMINGLY INNOCUOUS REQUEST)

Muslim groups in France have asked the Roman Catholic Church for permission to use its empty churches as a way to solve the traffic problems caused by thousands of Muslims who pray in the streets. The request, which has been variously described by French political commentators as "alarming," "audacious" and "unprecedented," is yet another example of the growing assertiveness of France's six million Muslims, who are transforming the country in ways unimaginable only a few years ago.In a March 11 communiqué addressed to the Church of France, the National Federation of the Great Mosque of Paris, the Council of Democratic...


Sure...when Christians in Saudi Arabai, Syria, and other places can hold services in mosques..
If they are allowed to use the churches, where will they wash their feet?
And what about all the human-figure imagery in a Christian church? Will that need to be covered up?
The simple request is the first of many steps.

Muslims destroyed two ancient Buddha statues because they were “offensive” and not compliant with shari’a. Imagine your typical Catholic church, how many statues and stained glass windows are there to offend the peaceful Muslim Friday worshiper?