View Full Version : John Boehner: 'No daylight' between tea party and me

04-07-2011, 10:33 AM
There is “no daylight” between the tea party and John Boehner, the House speaker said in an interview released Thursday morning as negotiations to avert a government shutdown come down to the wire.
“None,” he said, when questioner George Stephanopoulos pushed back. “What they want is, they want us to cut spending. They want us to deal with this crushing debt that’s going to crush the future for our kids and grandkids. There’s no daylight there.”

Democrats say that Boehner is being swayed by the influence of the tea party movement and have urged him to make a break for the sake of a bipartisan agreement, but the speaker did not indicate that he’s willing to do so. “I’m fighting for the largest number of spending cuts possible,” Boehner said. “Because it really will help our economy. This is what the American people had to say last November. They wanted us to cut spending in Washington, D.C. and they wanted us to do everything we could to help create jobs in our country.”