View Full Version : Israel's Iron Dome Stops First Rockets

04-07-2011, 01:52 PM
Ashkelon residents report seeing Grad explode in midair as dozens of rockets fired at south

Residents in Ashkelon reported Thursday seeing Israel's new Iron Dome defense system intercept a Grad rocket fired towards the southern city from the Gaza Strip.Eyewitnesses told Ynet they saw the rocket explode in midair and realized that the system had intercepted its first rocket.

Moshe Ben Hemo, a resident of Ashkelon, said, "I was in the street and I heard a strange sound, like someone pushing the gas pedal of a car. Then I saw the rocket fly through the air and explode. Immediately I realized that it was Iron Dome, that's what has been said here."

He added that the rocket alert had not been set off. "The rocket was apparently supposed to explode in Ashkelon. In any case I'm glad the system works," he said.

After hitting a student bus traveling through Shaar Hanegev Regional Council Thursday, critically wounding a 16-year old boy and lightly injuring the driver, terrorists in Gaza fired more than 15 rockets and mortar shells at Israel. No further injuries were reported.


04-07-2011, 02:07 PM
That's probably great news to the Israelis. We should get something like this to protect the Capitol, Pentagon and other important DC sites.

What they now need is something like Bugs Bunny would have used against Wyle E. Coyote, super genius, to defend against any nukes that get sent their way from Iran. Of course, Bugs would have a system of pipes that made the missle go right back to where it was sent from. If only there was a way to achieve the same results with modern technology-Iran sends a missle toward Jerusalem, but somehow it gets re-routed and hits Tehran instead.