View Full Version : "How Do You Deal With Republicans? "

04-07-2011, 05:01 PM
A friend of mine and I were having a leisurely conversation, mostly about back pain and magic, over lunch. He got quiet for a second, and then said: "May I ask you something seriously?"

"But of course."

"How do you deal with Republicans? I don't mean the reasonable Republicans we dealt with in our youth; I mean the new breed of know-nothing, reality-is-a-liberal-construct Republicans. How do you control your anger?"

"Well, in conversation, I guess I mostly avoid it. Besides, I don't know a lot of Republicans. This probably says something about my isolated little Bay Area friendship circles, but I don't, at least the kind you mean. I know fiscal-conservative Republicans, and I know a lot of libertarians, but Republicans of the kind you mean: I just don't know any."

"I see them online."

"Well, if you're going to go there, then of course you'll see them. They dominate the news."

"No, I mean Facebook. I have some friends, and I just have to challenge them on some of the articles they link to. And ultimately they say, 'Well, it's just a matter of opinion,' and no, it isn't. What you're going to have on your pizza is a matter of opinion. Global warming is not one of those things we get to vote on. Creationism is not an issue appropriate for democracy."

I agreed with that. The current political climate makes me crazy. I mean the guy who advocated burning the Quran, and the other guy who continues to picket the funerals of veterans. I will not mention their names because I think they're both scam artists; the fact that they can both raise money for their scams is disheartening.