View Full Version : " Ladies and Gentlemen, This Nation is in Deep, Deep Trouble "

04-15-2011, 08:37 AM
Ladies and gentlemen, this nation is in deep, deep trouble. We have a president and a Senate majority and four of nine Supreme Court Justices who believe that property, earnings, and even rights all belong to government, and that those blessings are merely doled out to individuals as the government sees fit. The government rules the people, not vice versa.

We also have a president who believes that a cut from the federal government is the same thing as a cut from the things the feds help fund. In his speech on Wednesday, he accused Republicans supporting the Paul Ryan budget of aiming at "a fundamentally different America than the one we've known throughout much of our history. A 70% cut to clean energy. A 25 % cut in education. A 30% cut in transportation."

Well, no. This is a lie. Even if Republicans may propose a 25 percent cut from federal government support for education, that is not a 25 percent cut in the nation's education: It's a 3.68 percent cut in total government support for education (local, state and federal combined).

And that doesn't even take into account how much other money goes to private education (more than 6.2 percent of American students go to private schools). Considering how much waste and duplication stems from federal education programs, and merely clutters up the works, that's a 3+ percent which, when cut, might actually improve the quality of education by removing red tape.


04-15-2011, 10:21 AM
We also have reason to fear because his opposition cannibalizes itself. It spends more time arguing over whether its leaders are being "tough" enough with regard to one seventy-fifth of the budget than it does in figuring out how to evict Obama from office. It spends more time arguing over whether a cut in budget authority is a real cut (it most certainly is) or a "fake" cut than it spends explaining and publicizing why its own budget, the Ryan plan, would mark a huge advance in individual freedom, prosperity, and fiscal survivability. It spends more time freaking out and engaging in internal warfare than it spends keeping its eye on the ball, long-term.

This is true...it gets tiring of seeing the GOP ripping itself apart instead of doing what they were elected to do. Doesn't help when the pundits go after guys like Ryan with just as much venom as Obama and his cronies do.