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04-15-2011, 11:17 PM
"This Move Has The Slimy Footprints of Cass Sunstein all Over it !"

The White House is circulating a piece of draft legislation that would give the Department of Homeland Security oversight over cybersecurity at civilian agencies, according to a report from FedNewsRadio.

The proposed legislation combines the comprehensive cybersecurity bill introduced last year by the Senate Homeland Security Committee with the administration's memo from July 2010 to expand DHS's responsibilities over non-military networks, according to the report.

Like the Homeland Security bill sponsored by Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Thomas Carper (D-Del.), the bill would create a White House cybersecurity office that reports to the Secretary of DHS on day-to-day matters.

But the legislation also goes beyond the Homeland Security bill by giving DHS authority over .gov domains that is similar to the authority enjoyed by U.S. Cyber Command, the military's cybersecurity unit, over the .gov domain.


Comments :

Napolitano in charge of anything is scary, she needs printed instructions on toilet paper
It's not like there aren't massive mechnisms in place already to sniff, capture and filter the internet, with ISP help. No tin-foil-hat needed to read the articles laying it out. Where are the Liberal "privacy-rights" voices on this, Eh?" What about the PA, Liberals? Just think, you Libs will be giving all this info and control to the next Republican regime. You'll really pull your hair out if if happens to be Conservative too.
DHS is the child prono agency.
We do not want it to have any more power.
It should be defunded.
"The bill would put DHS in charge of enforcing the Federal Information Security Management Act instead of the Office of Management and Budget, which currently oversees the law. The bill would give DHS the authority to hire four senior level cyber executives and create a scholarship program for students interested in pursuing cybersecurity.

—Sounds like BIG government intrusion !
—Article is very "light" on "rationale" for this legislation
—Is Department of Homeland Security competent? Not if we look to the performance of it's current mission.

—-Give us an actual name…WHO is writing this in the White House? Is it Sunstein?
—-Why even mention scholarships for the kiddies? Especially when proposing such intrusive legislation ? Seems amateurish.

Many, many questions need be asked as to the "underlying rationale" and how it would affect computer usage at all levels
DHS needs to be disbanded, it has not produced one credible thing since it was established.
They are moving fast on the peoples republic of america. I guess they know obama doesn,t have asnowflakes chance in the hot place to be reelected.locking up all the available land controlling the internet,bankin g,travel,off,sh ore accts,opening the border to mexican trucks,spp etc pretty soon it s jahw,herr furher
Sunstein and Holdrer are Evil men that want to kill off and control as many Americans as possible. Read their own words! This has Sunstein's claws all over it. They are as bad as Stalin.

04-16-2011, 01:13 AM
fuck that

04-16-2011, 03:59 AM
Obama administration unveils online ID system (but insists it's not a Big Brother plan to snoop
on Internet users)

A plan to create a national online identity system was launched today to help combat cyber crime. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke claimed the move will protect Internet consumers from fraud and identity theft.

Unveiling the scheme, he insisted the cyber ID was not a Big Brother plan by the government to snoop on web users. By using a single identification- which could come in the form of a unique piece of software on a cell phone, a keychain fob, or some other type of gadget- the administration believes it will be easier and safer to navigate the web.