View Full Version : Boston TEA Party Rally Disrupted by Union Thugs (illegally?) enabled by Boston Police

04-17-2011, 10:26 AM
Just as the 2011 Boston TEA Party rally was beginning, a group of Public Sector Union thugs marched in, planted themselves directly in front of the podium and blocked the speakers. They chanted offensive slogans on the 3 megaphones they had brought and continued to do so for the entire 2 hours! The Boston Police, also Public Sector Union members, came in and stood in front of them. The police did not ask the disruptors to leave, even after Michael Graham on the bandstand directly asked them to leave. We had a permit to have the rally at that location and the police enabled these people to disrupt our rally for the entire time. Do you think the Boston Police would allow us to stand in force directly in front of a Union rally speaker and shout offensive slogans and engage in name calling for the ENTIRE RALLY? They did NOT have the permit to assemble at that location on the common, we did. What do you think?

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The media is reporting this as if nothing happened. The Police swept the bandstand with a K-9 unit before we began. Looks like the unions (police AND protesters) were trying to start and/or find some trouble for us. They didn't get it. We were successful in avoiding any bad press, they were unsuccessful. Had they been, the media and the Boston Police would have been all over us like flies on you know what. The press, as usual, did NOT report the facts honestly. Treating us like crap as usual.

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