View Full Version : " Pelosi Thinks She's Our Mother !"

04-18-2011, 07:37 AM
Many politicians envision themselves in an exalted roll and then act accordingly. Some imagine themselves as a benevolent father figure, others as a populist folk hero, but the most nausea-inducing usually see themselves as the savior of mankind.

It has become very clear, particularly since she became Speaker of the House, that Nancy Pelosi sees herself as Mother Teresa, obligated by divine decree to take care of every American. The huge expansion of government during her Speakership revealed her self-ordained purpose in life, and, now that she is in the minority, she insists on protecting those Americans that she has taken under her wing.

Last week Ms. Pelosi defended her flock in her inimitable style throwing out alarming numbers that she pulled from her tookus. In a news conference on April 4, she claimed that the federal government pays for meal deliveries to 6 million seniors. She then asked if the middle ground in the budget discussion was delivery to 3 million seniors, ruefully adding I dont think so. She may not have thought so because again in her inimitable style the numbers are utterly bogus. The Washington Post fact-checked the number and found that it is actually 2.6 million. But the question that should honestly be asked is whether these seniors really need Mother Pelosi to spend our money to hire government workers to feed our seniors?