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05-01-2011, 01:45 PM
So send in the goons. It's the Chicago Way. And Americans, unfortunately, are the recipients of government by thuggery.

Now, however, a better title with which to describe the White House is 'send in the goons.' In keeping with the Chicago Way in which Barack Obama, his friend Rahm Emanel, and Valerie Jarrett were schooled, the Administration has become a joke in its tendency to embody the dubious description of 'government by thuggery.'

The latest example, of course, is Obama's banishment of a reporter for merely recording one of the President's tirades, which insiders say is common but never shown in public. The scene was a protest that broke out at a DNC fundraiser for the President. Obama did not want the video released. The reporter did it anyway in order to show something about the character of the man Americans allowed to reach the highest office in the land, and to do what reporters do routinely--video those who protest Presidents.

Obama and his thugs permanently banned the reporter from the White House.

Such an act of Chicago-styled thuggery has become a distinct pattern in this White House. Reporters are often not allowed access to some of the most important decision-making on the part of an Administration that would be 'the most transparent in history.' Instead this White House is one of the most secretive and hidden in U.S. history.

Further, just last week the President castigated a reporter in Texas who conducted an interview befitting for a good journalist--he actually put the pressure on Obama, demanding that he actually answer critical questions rather than drone on and on for 5 minutes, talking about inconsequential matters. This involved interrupting Obama during his lengthy soliloquys.

At the end of the interview, with cameras and audio still rolling, a visibly enraged Obama told the reporter, 'Let me answer a question before interrupting with another one.'

During 2009, the White House declared war on Fox News, openly charging that the network is not a real news organization, all while using the mainstream networks--ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN as a 'Pravda' of sorts, even allowing ABC News to broadcast right out of the White House on the eve of the vote on ObamaCare. The network's coverage of the legislation was pure advocacy rather than journalistic. Yet Obama singled out and attacked Fox News.

Obama showed his disdain during the campaign of '08 for reporters who dared ask him tough questions, threatening them with employment repercussions and disallowing their news outlets to interview him in the future.

And we cannot forget that Obama's good friend and right-hand man, now the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm 'Dead Fish' Emanuel, who once sent a dead fish wrapped in newspaper to a pollster who wrote negative things about him in a local Chicago newspaper.

The dead fish, of course, is the symbol that the Mafia has targeted someone for death.


05-01-2011, 02:50 PM
Oh big deal. I send dead fish to people all the time