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05-03-2011, 10:04 AM
OBL’s fate SEAL-ed by ghost of Cheney

An American president, with incomplete intelligence, invades a foreign — and friendly(!) —power, without its knowledge or consent. Using data gathered from Gitmo detainees subjected to “enhanced interrogation” the president gives the “kill order” for a target in a private residence, one where women and children are known to congregate.

And after 22 foreign nationals are captured or killed at the hands of Navy SEALS — without any NATO or U.N. authorization — the president doesn’t apologize for it. He brags about it. Then it’s confirm that he ordered the SEALS to throw the target’s body overboard on their way home.

It was all so violent. So unilateral. So bold. So . . . Bush.

On domestic issues like debt and taxes, the battle between left and right rages on. But on foreign policy, the fight is over. We are officially in Year 10 of the Bush administration.

Gitmo is still open. Khalid Sheik Mohammed will be tried there — by a military commission. Renditions continue, and drones regularly inflict “collateral damage” into populated areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
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