View Full Version : Arizona calls for online donations to build fence along entire Mexicoan border"

05-09-2011, 09:54 AM
Arizona lawmakers want to erect a fence along the border with Mexico - whether the federal government thinks it's necessary or not.

They've got a plan that could get a project started using online donations and prison labour. If they get enough money, all they would have to do is get cooperation from landowners and construction could begin as soon as this year.

Governor Jan Brewer recently signed a bill that sets the state on a course to building a permanent barrier along its borders, and a website is being launched to raise money for the work.

State Senator Steve Smith, the bill's sponsor, said:. 'We're going to build this site as fast as we can, and promote it, and market the heck out of it.'

Mr Smith, a first-term Republican from Maricopa, Arizona - which is strapped for cash and mired in a budget crisis - is already using public donations to pay for its defence of the SB1070 illegal immigration law.

Part of the marketing pitch for donations could include providing certificates declaring that individual contributors 'helped build the Arizona wall'.

Mr Smith Smith said: 'I think it's going to be a really, really neat thing.'

Construction would start 'after we've raised a significant amount of money first' but possibly as soon as later this year.