View Full Version : " Bin Ladin's Pakistan Hideout No2 "

05-10-2011, 08:38 AM
Chatter box second wife spills the beans.

OSAMA Bin Laden lived unchallenged in a SECOND safe house in Pakistan, it emerged yesterday......The terror chief spent 2 years in the quiet hill village before moving in 2005 to the compound where he was killed.

It suggests he was able to run al-Qaeda from Pakistan for more than SEVEN YEARS.US officials are now convinced he was aided by Pakistan's ISI intelligence service.....The second house was revealed by Bin Laden's youngest wife Amal Ahmed Abdulfattah, 27, who was among 15 people held last week when US Navy Seals killed him at his Abbottabad compound.

Yemeni-born Amal told investigators that they lived in the nearby village of Chak Shah Mohammad. An ISI official said: "She said they were there for nearly 2 years before moving to Abbottabad at the end of 2005."

Cops yesterday searched caves in the village for signs Bin Laden used them - as locals told of "mysterious foreigners" in the area in 2004. Farmer Mohammad Younas, 55, said: "They asked me if there was any land for sale."