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05-20-2011, 09:37 AM
Warm and sunny in the DC area, after a week of monsoon rains.

TOTD: If you practice a religion, is it the one you were raised in, or did you change to something else on your own? If you changed, why? Just curious - not looking for theological debate or "mine is better than yours", or anything like that. I was raised Methodist, had a swing in the Catholic direction, and the pendulum came back to center for me on the Episcopal church. "Catholic lite", or as I like to say, "All of the liturgy and none of the responsibility."

05-20-2011, 11:24 AM
They say we'll hit 60 F today and the rains will diminish but they said we'd be in the high 50s/low 60s all week and it hasn't cracked 55 F so far and has stayed mostly in 40s. I'm going to have to replant some stuff that the rain has drowned/rotted.

TOTD: One set of grandparents stayed Lutheran and one set went over to the Anglican church after a flirtation with the RCC. Our branch is still divided primarily among these two and heavily leaning toward the more conservative elements in both. Most of the rest of my family are LDS although there are a couple of Landmark Baptists in there. :p

I would say that I grew up as familiar with the LDS as my own faith and my cousins certainly lobbied us to join all the time until we were about 16 or so. We were very well catechized at home, though, so we didn't seriously consider it. The entire place wasn't LDS so it was easy to date people who weren't.

One of my grandmothers had a lifelong fascination with the various denominations and she often attended other services, revivals, campmeetings, etc. as a kind of hobby. I went with her a lot and I'm glad I did. I still attend various services out of curiosity or friendship. Because of that experience I've had a lot of fascinating conversations with people that the secular and progressive Christian world just write off as freaks.

They aren't. ;)

05-20-2011, 12:34 PM
Warm and sunny today. High will approach 80. Nuthin' but nice!:)

I grew up without religion. I never went to church. Didn't know anything about religion.
Then in 1960, when I was 15, I was arrested for stealing cars. The court ordered that I attend church. Of course, that wouldn't be done today, but as a result of that court order I was picked up each Sunday morning by a particularly caring family and went to the Episcopal church with them. I continued until I was 17 and joined the navy.
Religion never "took" for me. I have attended mostly Methodist services since then, but just off and on, and mostly to satisfy family requests.
I would be described by most as belonging to the new age believers. But I don't like the term "New Age". There is nothing new about it. I'm not a Christian by most definitions, and have a high tolerance for almost every religious view. Well, except those views that require you to kill all others who do not believe as you do.

I don't push my beliefs and don't challenge anyone else's. Even my stepdaughters, whom I have known 22 years, do not know my core beliefs. They assume that I believe the same as they do, so they have never asked. It's funny how little we know about each other, sometimes.

05-20-2011, 12:54 PM
its raining here like a cow pissin' on a flat rock

05-20-2011, 02:19 PM
It's raining...again.

I was raised Roman Catholic and continue with that religion. I wasn't raised particularly religious and was a CCD public kid. I went to Catholic school for a very short time in high school, but then went to a Catholic college, which surprisingly, made me more serious about my beliefs, despite my initial trepidations about going to a religious university. Neither of my siblings practice any type of religion. My sister is probably still Christian, but much more casual about it, and has pretty much turned away from the Catholic Church, not out of choice or rejection but more laziness. My brother is probably atheist or agnostic, at best. My mother now leans towards charismatic Catholic, but I don't believe it's as much for sincerity as it is to compete with her brother on the religious front, who is a devout charismatic Catholic.

05-20-2011, 03:44 PM
It's beautiful again, sunny and not too humid. We've been able to avoid using the AC most of the month, which is a good thing electric bill wise.

TOTD: My mom was always a devout Catholic. My sister is very staunchly Catholic. I was always the rebel who wanted to go to my fraternal grandmother's church. My Dad was Protestant, Evangelical and Reformed now I believe United Church of Christ, unless they've changed again. It was a conservative, German speaking church before I was born. Now I believe it's a more liberal church. My fondest memories of my childhood were sitting in that church, listening to the sermons.

Although attending Catholic school through 6th grade, my mom was furious with my insistence on attending public school. I had to talk to the most fierce priest in the parish to explain, as a 6th grader, why I wanted to attend public junior and senior high. My mom made me go alone. She was astounded when informed that the priest, after listening to my logical explanation, agreed that it was ok to go to public school. :D It was the beginning of my sales career and the ability to handle stuff on my own.

Now we don't really go to any church but strongly believe in God, just not any particular denomination.