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05-23-2011, 02:15 AM
This weekend, I am staying at the Palazzo in Las Vegas to cover their tribute to wounded warriors, an effort made by the Sands Corporation for the past several years.

Sands Corporation partnered with Southwest Airlines to bring Marines and soldiers from military hospitals in Washington DC and San Antonio, Texas in order to treat them to the kind of weekend usually reserved for high rollers.

The event was coordinated through the Armed Forces Foundation, which was originally formed years ago to help the children of men and women in the military, but whose mission changed significantly after 9/11.

The reception for the veterans was quite stirring. The employees of the Palazzo lined up from the front door through the lobby to an atrium, and as they gathered, more and more of the tourists in the casino joined them to cheer the veterans through the building. Active-duty men and women in the service filled out the final 50 feet or so:


05-23-2011, 02:19 AM
Videos: Interviews with partners at wounded warriors event

As a follow-up to my last post, letís meet the other members of the wounded-warrior event at the Palazzo this weekend. First, I spoke for a few minutes with Patricia Driscoll of the Armed Forces Foundation, an organization which has dedicated itself to helping families of wounded warriors since 9/11:

The Armed Forces Foundation is dedicated to providing comfort and solace to members of the military community through financial support, career counseling, housing assistance and recreational therapy programs. We offer these vital programs to active-duty and retired personnel, National Guard, Reserve components, and their loved ones.

We are a Washington, DC based nonprofit organization committed to serving the members of our Armed Services and assisting them in their time of greatest need. Since 2001 the foundation has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for hotel bills and to offset the expenses of families visiting a loved one in the hospital.

Programs offered through the foundation include the Family Assistance Program, Injured Support Services, the Housing Assistance Program for troops returning to their communities after injury, Family Bereavement Assistance for surviving family members, as well as the Classic Outdoors Sports Program which includes hunting and fishing programs for troops and their families.

The staff of the Foundation regularly visits with wounded troops at the Bethesda National Naval Medical Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Center to provide support, give gifts and show them our appreciation for their service and sacrifice.

I spoke with Patricia immediately after the event. Again, the atrium doesnít lend itself well to my questions, but Patricia can be heard very well: