View Full Version : President Obama’s Abuse Of Power

05-23-2011, 10:09 PM
President Barack Obama and his administration’s willingness to use the extraordinary powers granted under ObamaCare to expand his political power has been on full display in recent weeks. More troubling are new initiatives that seek to hobble his, and the Democratic Party’s political opponents in next year’s elections.

The use of federal programs and regulations to favor allies and punish or intimidate opponents raises serious questions about the president’s commitment to a pillar of our liberty, that all should be treated equally before the law. After reading the examples below, ask yourself: Are these actions consistent with a transparent government and just society, or are the president’s invocations of transparency and social justice being used to justify a corrupt, lust for power?

Example #1: The Daily Caller last week reported that nearly half of the 204 waivers to the strictures of ObamaCare granted in April were to constituents that generally supported the Democratic Party’s push to pass the legislation.
Example #2: HHS last week issued new rules which will have the effect of rewarding the AARP, which spent millions of dollars on lobbying and advertising in support of ObamaCare, with the opportunity to earn millions of dollars in additional profits.
Example # 3: The Internal Revenue Service announced an investigation into five, unnamed donors to nonprofit advocacy groups organized as 501(c)(4)s to determine if they owe millions of dollars in gift taxes going back to 2008
Example #4: President Obama has drafted an executive order that, if signed, would link the awarding of government contracts and political giving through new disclosure requirements. (See “Obama’s Nixonian Enemies List on Steroids.” ) This added “transparency” would vastly expand his Administration’s ability to reward supporters of Democratic candidates and initiatives while intimidating opponents from engaging in political activities.
The American people have seen fit to give the federal government enormous power. Federal expenditures now equal 25% of GDP. And, federal regulators and agencies extend the power of the president and his administration into many aspects of our everyday lives.