View Full Version : The Democrats' Big Government Breakout

06-02-2011, 12:23 AM
Historic battle lines are being drawn in the budget battle in Washington that too few understand.

The Democrats are supporting an unprecedented breakout of Big Government taxes and spending.

The Republicans are trying to draw the line at the stable level of federal taxes and spending relative to the economy that has prevailed throughout the postwar era up until now, and provided the foundation for the dominating postwar American prosperity.

At stake is whether the prosperity of the American Dream that has drawn millions to these shores over the years will endure. Or whether America will settle into permanent decline, a fading shadow of its former self. Is that the future you want to raise your family in? Is that the legacy you want to leave your children or grandchildren?

President Obama's Bankruptcy Budget Proposals

Under President Obama's own budget projections released in February, by next year the national debt will have doubled in only 4 years since 2008. By 2021 it will have more than tripled. Indeed, the national debt has been rocketing upwards so fast that under current policies more debt will be run up in one term under President Obama than under all other Presidents in history -- from George Washington to George Bush -- combined.


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