View Full Version : If you are drunk in your house (BAC .08) you can be arrested

06-03-2011, 04:16 PM
Taverner (1000+ posts) Fri Jun-03-11 02:26 PM
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If you are drunk in your house (BAC .08) you can be arrested
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This is not just in some podunk counties where the Church rules the town, this is pretty much every city in America. Sometimes it's enforced, sometimes not.

"Drunk in Public" is a crime in pretty much all American cities. I know for a fact, Las Vegas is one of those cities. Again, not always enforced.

"Serving a Drunk," (serving a patron a drink when their BAC is .08) is illegal in most cities as well. This is used as justification for police to shut down bars they don't like. Quite recently in Houston, this was used to shut down a few gay bars and lock up all of the patrons.

So if you think prohibition is over, think again.

This is called "Prohibition by Proxy"

And yet some here think we need stricter laws governing alcohol.


I think taverner has had to much to drink himself.