View Full Version : Officer 'Crushed Eyewitness's Phone and held Gun to his Head as he recorded Shootout

06-07-2011, 06:04 PM
Give us your phone or else: The moment police pointed gun at head of innocent witness who had filmed cops killing driver with 100 bullets

Eyewitness says he hid memory card in mouth while police quizzed him

Police officers crushed a manís phone and held a gun to his head in an effort to destroy a recording he made of a fatal shootout, he claims.

Narces Benoit saw the officers shoot dead Raymond Herisse, 22, in Miami Beach, Florida, last week after the suspect sped off and drove recklessly.

After the shooting an officer spotted Mr Benoit nearby with girlfriend Ericka Davis and allegedly put a gun to his head, handcuffed him and smashed his phone.