View Full Version : Will there ever be another Renaissance?

06-09-2011, 06:29 PM
The Renaissance era is to me one of the most interesting periods of history. They didn't have all the technology and medical wonders we have now, but they had great minds, great imaginations, mastering many skills was considered the mark of a man, so many great inventors, thinkers, musicians, writers, and the like come from this period and I don't think any period of time--except perhaps America from 1900 to around the '60s--has come close in terms of just utter, rapid fire brilliance.

I mean look at men like Da Vinci, Ben Franklin, St. Thomas More, even the tyrannical Henry VIII, and many many other men--All masters in multiple aspects of life. And learning and mastering several arts was respected and encouraged. What do we encourage now? Reality TV shows.

I mean King Henry VIII was a skilled hunter, archer, a champion jouster, a writer, a Biblical scholar and Humanist, and a celebrated lyricist and poet as well as being King. The man wrote songs that were the equivalent of today's mega hits. He was one talented man. He may have been a tyrant, yes, but where are me of such caliber today? Could you imagine any modern leader being so skilled in so many areas? A President composing a top 40 song? Painting an amazing portrait?

Meshuga Mikey
06-10-2011, 12:25 AM
we may just be at the beginning of such a time. the rays of light may not yet be apparent but as I understand it its always the darkest just before the dawn.