View Full Version : " Why Perry Should Not Run for President (A Democrat Messaging Strategists View) "

06-10-2011, 08:46 AM
Like other Texans, I can get in the mood for a Texan to be in charge. After all, if God hadnít intended for Texas to be the center of the universe, he wouldnít have put us there. But with the (arguable) exception of Dwight Eisenhower, presidents with Texas roots havenít exactly been nominated for sainthood after itís all said and done.

The most recent example of the species, George W. Bush, even prompted my friend Molly Ivins to declare, ďThe next time I tell you someone from...


They're afraid of Perry,..He would destroy Obama and The Progressive/Maoists .
Harold Cook,the author, is an Austin-based Democratic political and messaging strategist.AKA as a Liberal Shill,Stooge..