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06-12-2011, 06:09 PM
ingac70 (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-12-11 12:39 PM
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More Anthony Weiner photos surface online.
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Rep. Anthony Weiner took several pictures of himself grabbing his privates, part of a new batch of embarrassing photos that surfaced online Sunday morning.

The gossip website TMZ.com posted 11 photos it claimed were taken in the House memberís gym, a private exercise facility in the Capitol complex that is open to current and former lawmakers.

The photos show Weiner standing in front of a mirror, his BlackBerry pointed forward snapping shots of bare chest, often with just a towel draped over his genitals. There are also shots of him in the middle of the exercise room, with empty elliptical trainers behind him

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ClarkUSA (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-12-11 12:52 PM
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1. Weiner has some serious mental problems. He is a narcissist and a serial exhibitionist.
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These are abnormal psych disorders which require more than "a short leave of absence."

In previous times, Weiner would have been flashing young women in dark alleys and calling them over while sitting in his car with his pants pulled down.

I really hope he doesn't return to Congress. Once the House Ethics Committee investigates his obvious improper use of Congressional resources for phone sex and his illegal offer to use his PR team to help his sext-partner lie about her involvement with him, he'll really be toast.

He won't be missed by his constituents because he has no record of achievement anyway. Some people will miss his red meat grandstanding, but I've never been a fan of do-nothing media whores.

Jackpine Radical (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-12-11 01:03 PM
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4. In what state are you licensed?

Dreamer Tatum (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-12-11 01:05 PM
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5. Same state I'm licensed in: The Great State of My Fucking Goddamned Opinion
Its capital is Myopinionisjustasfuckingvalidasyourfuckingopinion-burg.

:D:D:D God I love all the infighting

06-12-2011, 08:01 PM
This is special.

Shagbark Hickory (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-12-11 05:06 PM
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36. Great. I'd rather him do this than do meth or pork hookers or be corrupt. It's good clean fun.

everyone in congress should engage in such innocent activities.