View Full Version : " Tea Party Group Targets Old RINO,Orrin Hatch for Defeat "

06-16-2011, 11:38 PM
Conservative PAC FreedomWorks, a prominent Tea Party group chaired by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, is targeting Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch in the 2012 Senate race. The group, arguing Hatch has insufficiently conservative economic views, is launching the so-called "Retire Orrin Hatch" campaign at Utah's Republican Convention on Saturday.

"It's clear that Senator Hatch is trying to capitalize on the popularity of the Tea Party movement by reinventing himself as a fiscal conservative," said Russ Walker, Vice President of Political and Grassroots Campaigns for FreedomWorks PAC, in a statement.

"But his recent rhetoric and actions in favor of limited government simply do not erase decades of bad votes, costing taxpayers trillions of dollars. Indeed Hatch's body of work proves he cannot be trusted to consistently adhere to a fiscally conservative agenda, and possible primary challengers like Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-3, UT)give conservatives in Utah and around the country a great opportunity to trade up."