View Full Version : We're Living Through What Occurs When the Liberals Get Their Way

06-17-2011, 06:48 PM
RUSH: Here's the point, folks. In my humble opinion, class warfare is actually warfare against the middle class -- and I think this is largely misunderstand. The Democrats and the left have characterized class warfare this way. They've told their charges, "Stick with us, pal, and we're gonna get even with those rich people.

Ha-ha! We're gonna make 'em people and we're gonna redistribute their wealth and you're gonna have more. Everybody's gonna be fine. We're gonna punish them big time," and, of course, I've always asked: "How is that help you? Okay, some rich guy you don't know is forced to pay a higher tax rate. How in the world does that make your life better?" I used to make my mother mad all the time when I was a kid.

She made me eat everything on the plate, and she did say -- you know, it's a cliché from my generation -- "There's starving kids all over the world, starving kids in China! You eat that," and I would say, "Okay, if I eat all of that, somebody in China is gonna be rubbing their stomach and say, 'Ohhhh, wow. I feel full'?" and my mother would say, "Don't sass me. Don't be a smart-aleck." I said, "I'm sorry, but I don't know how what I eat is affecting somebody in China." Same thing here. They can talk about going after the rich all they want, but whose pockets are being lined here? Who are their crony capitalist partners? Well, it's all these lib Democrat front-runners on Wall Street.

General Electric is not paying a penny in United States federal income tax! The fact is the left lives in the world of crony capitalism, and they seek to control the middle class, and they want to keep the middle class "middle class." The thing the left does not want is precisely people expanding their wealth. You can't control 'em. The more people become independently wealthy, the less they need government. The left needs you dependent, the left needs you subservient. The left, the Democrats and the president want you needing them. They love it when you call 911 when the Chinese restaurant screws up! They love it when you call 911 when McDonald's is outta Chicken McNuggets. They love it when you call 911 when a drug deal goes bad and you don't get the right change.