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rsmith6621 (1000+ posts) Sat Jun-18-11 06:30 PM
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Took the wife to see the movie Bridesmaid late this morning. We arrived 20 minutes early and were sitting there watching the advertisements, 4 seats in front of us was a gay couple who where being quiet and enjoying each others company in a romantic sort of way(need I give details??)

A guy and his wife who were sitting right behind us were obviously uncomfortable with their PDA when the guy said in a raised voice directed to them we did not pay $18 dollars to watch you two have a disgusting display of affection in front of us and the other 35 people here...then he followed up with see this is what happens when the socialist vote in a person who's was born in another country,we just lose control of our of our MORALS...

Well the couple was trying to ignore the A$$wipe and he got louder and said I guess your tongues must be in each others ears cause you cant hear me.... I could not help but turn around and tell the A$$ where in the your belief system is it against the law for them to have a PDA,if they are bothering you why don't you tell the management and let them handle it.......He then said I guess you are one of those socialist that voted in the immigrant President, I said excuse me sir you have now crossed the line I then asserted to him that what he perceived as socialist once was what made America great when we all used to help those with less than us with a helping hand, and then followed up and said today's CONSERVATIVES are modern day COMMUNIST as you conservatives are working at creating a TWO CLASS society....

Then.... KAAAAABOOM he went with gibberish that was unintelligible language I could not hear then two usher came in and asked us to step outside into the hall....I gave one usher my point of view as did the other A$$Wipe to the other....well after the two ushers met with management to share their findings the guy got an earful from the manager telling him that he was out of order and disruptive and was handed a gift card and ask to leave, the A- tossed the card on the floor and screamed his rights were being violated,the manager informed him he gave up his rights in effect buy buying the ticket because their is an agreement in effect that you will either behave or leave..he refused to leave so mall security was called and they called in the local authorities and they were briefed while the A- kept yapping away...the guy bulked while being handcuffed and elbowed the officer in the chest...the officer looked to his wife and said you can pick him up on Monday as he will now be charged with felony assault,public disobedience and verbal assault towards the gay couple...

The manager asked my wife and I leave which we respected and gave us a $100.00 gift card and a refund for today's movie and said come back another day when things cool down.....then he said CONSERVATIVES are COMMUNIST????...He said he could not have said it better.


I am noticing that the bouncies JUST happen to coincide with the flavor of the day over there.

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Their not even bothering to start them with "So..." anymore. Really lazy.

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um....wtf? this is one of the most iditotic bouncies i've heard

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And then a drunken brick lept out of the bushes.....

Dan D. Doty
06-20-2011, 03:52 AM
That was so ... under the top :rolleyes:

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You know what I did the last time I saw two butt punchers sloppy kissing in public? I moved so I couldn't see them anymore.....

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11. Was this at the movie theatre in Tiburon? n/t.


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I like how the guy supposedly sat there making snide comments to the gay couple for several minutes, but when he called Obama an immigrant he crossed the line.

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I'm just sure they gave them a $100.00 gift card and refund on the movie for making/participating in a scene. That just isn't believable.