View Full Version : Super Jumbo A380 Clips Building at Paris Air Show, Loses Wing Tip .

06-20-2011, 05:13 PM
Not again! World's biggest airliner loses wingtip after striking building at Paris Air Show - two months after doing the same thing in New York

Incident follows collision at JFK airport in which A380 superjumbo was grounded after hitting private jet

An Airbus 380 lost its wingtip in a taxiing collision with a building, just two months after another superjumbo was grounded for striking a private jet in New York.

The A380 superjumbo was grounded after the smash at slow-speed at the Le Bourget airport, where the Paris Air Show is taking place.

The collision mirrored an incident at JFK airport earlier this year when a private jet was spun round after it was hit by the wing of an A380.

The aircraft had been scheduled for demonstration flights during the show but these have now been cancelled, show spokesman Alexander Reinhardt said Monday.

The incident was another embarrassment for the European planemaker at the launch of the aviation industry's premier showcase.