View Full Version : EPA Warns House Bill Would 'Overturn' Clean Water Law

06-23-2011, 05:03 PM
U.S. EPA warned of the potential dire consequences of legislation being fast-tracked through the House that would give states final say on rules concerning water, wetlands and mountaintop-removal mining. (snip)Proponents of the bill counter that the Obama administration's EPA has abused that authority by overruling states, reversing decisions made under previous administrations and creating widespread regulatory uncertainty that has hindered job-creation and economic recovery.


The Democrats only want to raise our taxes. Good for Kyl and Cantor walking out on the meeting with Biden.
We need to vote Obama and Biden out of office in 2012.
Remember the elimination of four of Obama's Czars that he agreed to during the last budget deal and then refused to abide by during his signing statement? No more compromises and deals with this liar and his democrat flunkies.
Obama is desperate to get the debt ceiling raised.
He needs the money to buy votes for the coming election.
Boehner holds the key to Obama's reelection.