View Full Version : Nuevo Laredo [Mexico:] is Under Martial Law

06-23-2011, 10:59 PM
...It's not just in Nuevo Laredo but the whole state of Tamaulipas.

No major media outlets are reporting it, but several hundreds soldiers and marines are en route to Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. (MX) to try and get a grip on a violent few months in our Sister City. Several websites report that Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. (MX) is essentially under martial law as the military moves in and relieves city police officers. Soldiers were seen at police headquarters seizing guns.

It comes as the federal and state government move into a new phase of security efforts in an attempt to turn up the heat on local drug cartels.
Last week demonstrators took to the bridges to protest military presence. Many claim those holding signs and chanting "no more military" were paid as much as a $100 a day by cartel members to protest at the bridges.

Drug cartels don't want that information out; therefore, the Mexican media is not reporting it.