View Full Version : Poll: Voters think reporters are biased liberals

06-24-2011, 02:29 AM
It seems like reporters can't write anything about hot-button topics these days without someone on the right or left accusing them of harboring a clandestine political agenda. They're either in the tank for Obama, or not properly covering the challenges to his health-care plan. One minute they never have anything nice to say about the Tea Party, the next they're overblowing its clout. And so on.
Among the other findings:

- Forty-eight percent of voters believe most reporters would "hide any damaging information they learned to help the candidate they wanted to win."

- Meanwhile, Republicans (59 percent) and unaffiliated voters (58 percent) "feel much more strongly than Democrats that most reporters ... would hold back news that might hurt a candidate they wanted to win."

- Seventy-eight percent of conservatives think the average reporter is more liberal than they are, while 38 percent of liberals think the average reporter is more conservative than they are.

- Seventy-three percent of Republican voters versus 20 percent of Democrats say the average reporter is more liberal than they are.

- Male voters are more skeptical of reporters' integrity than female voters are.

You can read the full results here. And at the risk of opening a Pandora's box of press derision, we invite you to share your thoughts about media bias in the comments.