View Full Version : Trouble for Holder: ATF Director Eager to Blow The Whistle About Fast and Furious

06-24-2011, 03:17 PM
ATF Director Kenneth Melson, who was heavily involved in Operation Fast and Furious, doesn't look like he's willing to fall on his sword for Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama just yet.

In fact, Melson is ready to testify in front of the House Oversight Committee where Rep. Darrell Issa will ask him who above him ordered the operation within the Justice Department.

Eric Holder should be very, very worried. Rumors have been swirling around Washington all week that Melson would resign, yet it is now Friday and no resignation has been made. The acting director of the federal

http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2011/06/24/trouble_for_holder_atf_director_eager_to_testify_a bout_operation_fast_and_furious

06-24-2011, 03:45 PM
This could be bigger than Iran Contra or Watergate. I hope he takes them all down.

06-24-2011, 04:22 PM
This is gaining momentum and is on the verge of blowing up big.

06-24-2011, 10:52 PM
I'll go with what Rush said. No higher then Holder. If it makes it that high.

It all depends on the deal Obama and Holder tries to cut with Eager before he testifies, and if Eager accepts it.

If Eager says the hell with it, and produces the documentation, then it goes against Holder, who ether falls on his sword for Obama, or claims ignorance in the mater, saying he ether was just blindly signing the paperwork without knowing what he was signing. (IE A lower lackey was behind this).

This wont get higher then Holder if it makes it that high.

06-25-2011, 12:50 AM
What will they call those of us that feel Obama was complicit in this, gunners, ATFers, borderists?

06-25-2011, 06:58 AM
What will they call those of us that feel Obama was complicit in this, gunners, ATFers, borderists?
It Needs A 'Gate' in it to go anywhere !