View Full Version : Obama Administration is Openly and Serially Flouting the Law

06-27-2011, 10:51 AM
We really shouldn’t get angry with the media for being obstinately silent and/or willfully ignorant when it comes to - amongst many, MANY other things - Democrats and Leftists breaking the law.

It’s like getting upset with a six-month old for behaving badly in public. It’s what we get - we should not be vexed when we get it.....After all, one is immature and childish, existing only for itself and behaving accordingly......And the other is a baby.

There are times, however, when the media is so bad that even the most patient among us grows... un-patient.

So it is with the Barack Obama Administration’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - and its rampant, recurrent breaking of all sorts of laws in their manic push to commandeer control of the Internet, so as to then impose the patently absurd Network Neutrality.

On all of this illegality - which myriad people have repeatedly pointed out all along the way - the media has for the most part said:


For starters, the FCC has zero authority over the Internet - something FCC Chairman (and Obama law school basketball buddy) Julius Genachowski readily admits.

A fact reinforced by the D.C. Circuit Court - which in April 2010 unanimously demolished as unauthorized the FCC’s first attempt to impose Net Neutrality.

So when the FCC on December 21st voted themselves Internet Overlords in 3-2 Democrat Party-line fashion - they and everyone else knew it was illegal.

But the media for the most part said:

We have just passed the six month anniversary of this power grab - and the FCC still has not yet filed the order with the Federal Register, which is where all new rules and regulations must go to begin their imposition.

What’s the holdup? There are several possibilities, some or all of which may be why the FCC is so thoroughly slow-playing it. (Please note that it took the FCC less than a month - April 7 to May 6 - to file their wireless data roaming Internet seizure - so they can get it done when they want to.

One possibility for the delay: Two wireless providers - Verizon and MetroPCS - had filed suit to undo FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s Net Neutrality order. Verizon had sought relief in the same U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit that unanimously ruled in April 2010 that the FCC has no net neutrality authority.

The court dismissed the suit, saying the company couldn’t contest the rules until the agency published them. But the court’s docket is moving along, and the clock ticking. The longer the chairman drags his feet on the net neutrality order, the less likely it becomes that the court will be able to hear the case. By stalling, the chairman is callously venue-shopping - and ducking a court in which he knows he most likely will lose.

This is a rather obnoxious abuse of both the regulatory and legal processes.

About which the media has for the most part said: