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06-27-2011, 07:02 PM
Did Justice Prosser choke Justice Bradley ? Or did she attack him first? did it happen or did she make it up?

THIS IS SO WEIRD…..did Justice Prosser choke Justice Bradley? or did she attack him first? did he choke her or did she make it up? And what’s up with the CHIEF JUSTICE? Where was she and why does her name surface in all these incidents? Something really, really, really, really weird is going on…..

More information (take with a grain of salt as I can neither corroborate or deny) (from Wikipedia). This is about Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices David Prosser, Ann Walsh Bradley and Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson. Yes, it is getting weirder!

“…The discussion became heated after Mrs. Bradley asked Prosser to leave her office and said she was bothered by his disparaging comments towards Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson. Prosser allegedly then put his hands around Bradley’s throat in what was described as a choke hold, but did not apply pressure. Among the anonymous sources breaking the information to the press, another report contradicted this altercation saying Justice Bradley came charging at Prosser with fists raised and that when attempting to block her, he hit her neck.

Shortly after the incident, Bradley told the other Justices in the room she had just been choked by Prosser, to which an unknown Justice stated “You were not choked”.


"[D]o you think that a woman like Bradley, who seriously considered calling the cops because Prosser used a profanity about another justice..."
"... would not call the cops if she was the victim of an unprovoked, physical assault in front of witnesses?"

Asks Darleen at Protein Wisdom, noting that Bradley is "now upping the ante by specifically alleging to the press that, Prosser put her in a 'choke hold.'"

I would truly like to know who made the decision to go public with this accusation. Was it one of the judges or someone lower down, with less awareness of the mess it would make, like a law clerk or summer intern?

Prosser has commented. He denies the story — with the apparent backing of one or two witnesses:

As the activist press was running with the story, new evidence emerged in a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel report to suggest the matter was more complicated than originally reported. Whatever happened, happened during a meeting of six of the court’s seven justices; in other words, there were several witnesses. One witness supported the original accusation. But another witness said that during a heated conversation, Bradley “charged [Prosser] with fists raised” and that Prosser had put out his own hands defensively. According to one of the paper’s sources, Bradley then accused Prosser of choking her, to which another justice reportedly replied, “You were not choked.”

It turns out the Center for Investigative Journalism report was right to the extent that it said details were “sketchy.” The details turn out to be so sketchy that it is impossible to determine, at least at this point, whether the original story is accurate or not. In a statement, Prosser told the Journal Sentinel that, “Once there’s a proper review of the matter and the facts surrounding it are made clear, the anonymous claim made to the media will be proven false. Until then I will refrain from further public comment.”

Perhaps the facts of the case will become clear. Or perhaps they will remain in dispute, despite the fact that the incident was witnessed first-hand by several accomplished jurists. Whatever the outcome, there is no doubt the accusation comes amid a debate over the budget and union benefits that many Democrats and their allies in organized labor view as a life-or-death struggle. Democrats, who are gearing up for recall elections against several Republican lawmakers, lost a big battle when Prosser was re-elected. In the end, it could be that the new accusations are a continuation of that campaign by other means.


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Megi this is Althouse's blog post that covers it much better.