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06-28-2011, 04:10 PM
I know the anniversary isn't anywhere near yet but I wanted to ask you:

1) Do you believe there was any conspiracy? Not a government conspiracy specifically--ANY kind.
2) Where were you when it happened? Do you remember your reaction or the reactions of those around you?
3) Does it ever still elicit any emotion in you?

I ask because for whatever reason, even though I was 27 years away from being born, whenever I see anything about the JFK assassination, or even RFK's speech on MLK, I have to admit I cry. Say what you will, but men do cry today--Look at Boehner. I just think of how horrific it must've been for his wife, how horrific for those witnessing it (which included children), and the picture of JFK, Jr saluting his father's hearse as it passed on his 3rd birthday ALWAYS gets me. As do RFK's eloquent words when announcing the death of MLK, knowing he himself would meet the same fate just two months later. Say what you will about JFK or his morals or policies, but I think his death, and Bobby's, were national tragedies. I don't think America has ever truly fully healed from them, either. At least the generation of Americans who were old enough to understand it...

Whenever I see the intro from the movie JFK (it's a mostly BS movie I know but the intro is powerful), that brings it out. The music, the footage, the footage of a happy JFK and Jackie landing in Dallas, and the motorcade as it made that fateful turn onto Elm Street as those military-style drums rolled, cascading to those fatal moments...It's just powerful in a saddening way. Because you're watching it and you know what's about to come. Not just for JFK or his wife or his children but for America. His death launched off nearly 2 decades of national trauma and misery. Some people have even said his assassination, being so public, so brutal, so barbaric, marked the end of America's innocence--the innocence of the 50s.

I personally don't think there was any conspiracy except for the maddened plotting of a disgruntled and deranged Marxist, but if there was any, it was most likely Mafia related IMO. The Mafia in 1963 had the motive, the power, the means and resources to have Kennedy killed. In 1963 the Gambino Family alone had over 500 made men and 10,000 associates--and that's just ONE Mob family of dozens throughout the country. The Mafia HATED Kennedy and Bobby and a lot of people who had a lot of power in the area--Like Sam Giancana--wanted JFK dead. The FBI wiretapped Mafisos talking about how Kennedy needed to die as early as 1962. If there was a conspiracy, the Mob did it.

I'll put it this way: A day before Giancana was to testify before the Senate about what he knew about the JFK assassination and the Kennedy Administration's ties to the Mob vis a vis Cuba, he was shot to death, execution style in his home, as was Johnny Roselli not long after, who was also involved in the CIA-Mafia liason to kill Castro in the 60s and 70s. The two men who might've known conclusively about any Mafia plot to kill Kennedy were silenced.

06-28-2011, 06:53 PM

1. No.
2. Eating lunch.
3. Never did.
Now please stop.......http://www.nopc.info/forum/images/smilies/deadhorse.gif

Ranger Rick
06-29-2011, 01:24 AM
I was in elementary school. We were asked to write about our feelings. I did not know how to spell assassin, so I abbreviated. It did not work out well. Later, before school ended for the summer, we planted a tree and made a plaque. I had my picture in the paper.