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06-29-2011, 05:03 PM
Napalm Chilli Jam

Some Like It Hot,Very Hot,Oh My GOD Hot...

Hot Chilli Pepper Scoville heat units
Naga Viper pepper .....1,382,118
Red Savina habanero..350,000–580,000
Scotch bonnet pepper...100,000–350,000
Jalapeño pepper..2,500–8,000
Poblano pepper....500–2,500
Green Bell Pepper,....No significant heat,

1 1/2 cups vinegar
6 cups sugar
1 1/4 cups Jalapenos,Red New Mexico ,or Habanero Chilies.
1 package pectin

Puree the chilies with a food processor or a blender. If using a blender, the vinegar may be needed to keep the blender from stalling and aide in the puree process. Either way, take care when opening the cover of the blender or food processor; the fumes are deadly. Place puree in a non-reactive sauce pan and add the powdered pectin. Add the vinegar if it has not already been used in the puree process. Stir to dissolve the pectin. Place over high heat until the mixture comes to a HARD boil (a boil that cannot be stirred down). Stir continuously as the mixture is being heated. Add all of the sugar and bring back to a full rolling boil while stirring constantly. Boil hard for 1 minute. Remove from heat and skim off the foam with a metal spoon. Place in hot sterilized jars and seal. Makes about 6 0.5 pint jars.

Note 1 Each type of chili produces a different colored jam as well as a different heat response. The jalapenos will give a slow turn on and slow turn off of medium heat; the New Mexico chilies will get the back of the throat and the habeneros will produce a "step response" of sensation.

Note 2 use a food processor and do not use vinegar in the puree process. To measure, I cut the chilies into the size of half a habanero and fill up a 2 cup liquid measuring container. Measurements are not too critical and the bite will vary from batch to batch as the chilies vary in heat content..... If the bite is too much for people, bell peppers can be used to bring up the amount of fruit used.

Hot Apricot Habanero

1 lb. habenero peppers
1 cup cider vinegar
1/2 cup apricot nectar
6 cup sugar
1 pkg. certo
6 drops orange food coloring

cut off stem ends of peppers blend together with 1/2 of the vinegar and aprocot nector. bring the vinegar and sugar to a boil, add the pepper and coloring and bring to a boil for two minutes. Add the certo and bring to a boil again. Skim , pour into jars and seal. makes about 24 oz of jelly.