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07-01-2011, 03:20 AM
Organs of those killed by euthanasia being used....,People killed by euthanasia in Belgium are having their organs harvested for transplant surgery, a new report has revealed.

Doctors are impressed by the superior condition of lungs taken from people who killed by lethal injection compared to those extracted from those killed in accidents.

Surgeons in Leuven between 2007 and 2009 successfully transplanted four pairs of lungs from people who died from euthanasia.

Cancer victims cannot be donors so the cases involved one person with an ‘unbearable mental disorder’ and the other three people suffering from ‘a debilitating benign disease such as a neurological or muscular disorder’. All of the donors had given their consent.

The cases were detailed in a report in a medical journal called Applied Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology.

The authors of the study, Initial Experience with Transplantation of Lungs Recovered From Donors After Euthanasia,


"‘I was amazed at how nonchalantly the issue was dealt with as if killing patients and then harvesting their organs was the most natural thing in the world,’ he said."

"‘The matter of fact way the retrieval process is described in the paper is particularly chilling and shows the degree of collaboration that is necessary between the euthanasia team and the transplant surgeons – prep them for theatre next to the operating room, then kill them and wheel them in for organ retrieval. All in a day’s work in Brave New Belgium.’"

"A fifth of nurses interviewed by researchers from the Canadian Medical Association Journal admitted that they had been involved in the euthanasia of a patient – but also found that nearly half of these – 120 of 248 – admitted to participating in ‘terminations without request or consent’."

"He added: ‘Doctors there now do things that those in most doctors in other countries would find absolutely horrific.’"

‘Given that half of all euthanasia cases in Belgium are involuntary it must be only a matter of time before the organs are taken from patients who are euthanised without their consent."

"Euthanasia now accounts for two per cent of all deaths in the country."


07-01-2011, 03:28 AM
Legally killed: 21 dementia victims given lethal injections by Dutch doctors in 2010

Dementia sufferers are being killed by doctors in Holland under the country’s euthanasia laws, official figures are to reveal. A total of 21 patients with early-stage dementia, including Alzheimer’s, died by lethal injection last year, according to a forthcoming annual report. This is the first time dementia sufferers have been included in the country’s euthanasia statistics. None of the cases is thought to have involved any illegal act on the part of health professionals, and each time the patient was considered capable of giving their consent. But the figures have caused alarm among critics who say the pool of patients...


07-01-2011, 01:31 PM
Very frightening indeed, particularly the "euthanasia without consent"

History is said to repeat itself. Let's see, where has this happened before? Wait, it was Germany under good ole Adolph H.

Beware the government here taking charge of our medical care. It could be coming to a hospital close to you. :eek: